25 Games in 2018

I have two main goals for 2018: Maintain this here blog and make 25 games by the end of the year. Yep that’s a game every two weeks.

The goal here isn’t to publish 25 complete, detailed games, or 25 skins on one endless runner. I really just want to take this year to make as many small one mechanic or theme based games to both keep myself learning and improving, and actually-freaking-finish-something-for-once. One or two of them may end up being more ambitious, but for the most part these will all be simple, one to two week projects that I can start, finish and move on.

As I finish each game I plan on posting them with screenshots, a download link, and what I learned making the game. Feel free to suggest any ideas here too, I want to make as many different things as possible.

Here’s the list so far:

#1: An Eye For Treasure

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