March Update – Plans and Shortcomings


Oh hey, it’s been a while. Time has been especially inconsiderate to me lately. It just keeps moving from one day to the next without even asking if I’m ready for it. So rude. The last few months have been kind of all over the place but I think I’m finally getting back in the swing of things and don’t worry, I got plans for days.

Here’s what’s cooking up in the Smith creativity labs.

This season of anime has nothing I’ve been super interested in, but that’ll change once we hit Spring Season in April. I’m planning on writing weekly episode reviews for both Tokyo Ghoul:Re and My Hero Academia Season 3. Get hyped!

Also when the final Digimon Tri movie comes out I’ll do a full writeup of my thoughts on the series. There are some great highs and some terrible lows. (spoilers, there are lots of those, but some good to be found too).

Other Anime I’ve watched and/or want to write about soon:

Space Brothers


Currently watching Space Brothers, it’s so good. Fantastic show about how it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. I have thoughts, they’ll be up here soon.

Ergo Proxy


I successfully took my wife through the broody, over-philosophizing, apocalyptic droll of Ergo Proxy. I think I like it more every time I watch it (She even liked it too). It’s not for everyone, but it has some great things to say about self and purpose that I can really get behind. I want to write about it, but I may not be ready to tackle this beast just yet. I’ll move to some Ergo Proxy insanity if I’m feeling especially confident one of these weeks.

Fantastic Moments: The finale of Tokyo Ghoul


With Tokyo Ghoul:Re soon upon us, I thought this month would be the perfect time for the first Fantastic Moments entry of the blog. Tokyo Ghoul was a mixed bag for many, especially manga fans concerned about plot changes and material cut from the original story, but oh boy was this finale something special. Just talking about it makes me want to listen to the Unravel acoustic version played in the episode another fifty times. *Scurries off*

Speaking of 50….divided by two…..

25 Games Update

I’m still chugging along at my 25 games goal for this year, though things have been slower than I would like. One idea I had hit a dead end pretty hard and 2 or 3 other projects I’ve attempted are about halfway done. The very thing I was TRYING to avoid with this project, but live and learn right? (I’m not sorry)

Luckily I think I’ve smoothed out the planning stage process to help with some of the issues I’m running into and I actually sat down and brainstormed a really good list of small but different games I want to try making. Progress should be resuming as intended, I have three games that should be finished by the end of the month.

Game #2-#4
-Run by Gun : Gun kickback is pretty cool, but what if it was the only way you could move and jump
-Unnamed Platformer: Climb the tower, don’t die, and don’t pay attention to how simple this game is either.
-Game Jam: Make a game with 100 lines of code or less

This last one should be up on the blog tomorrow. I did a game jam where I had to make a game with less than 100 lines of code. It was actually a lot of fun and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Upcoming Ideas
-Action RPG – Zelda like – one dungeon and boss
-Super simple RTS
-Resource management/city building game (similar build to RTS, minus combat, more building options)

Like I said, plans for days. That’s it for this update. Good things ahead!


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