My Hero Academia Ep 39 “Game Start” Review

Plus Ultraaaaaaaaa. My Hero Academia is back and I couldn’t be more excited. The final episode of season 2 set the stage for some great up-and-coming conflict this season and with a full 25 episodes ahead of us I am READY for some MHA goodness.

Let’s gooooo!!

Unfortunately the hype train needs another week before it can leave the station, as the season premiere is almost entirely a recap episode with a cherry of new material on top.

“This is your exposition captain speaking, before we embark on our journey here’s a  summary of the characters abilities and some important plot points from the wiki for those of you getting on this train at the wrong point.”


Seriously though, there’s a point in the episode where one teacher literally reads a list of everyone’s quirks to another teacher, and another where a random narrator explains the end of season 1. It’s a little cringe. Honestly though, it’s really not that big of a deal. It is fun to see small segments of previous arcs and remember just how great this show can be, even if it’s pretty clunky and heavy handed.

The new material of the episode is pretty standard. Mineta and Kaminari show up at Deku’s house to drag him to a training session at the school pool. It thankfully doesn’t turn into a full Mineta creeping on the girls in swimsuits type episode, despite that being exactly his intentions, and we’re given a harmless series of swimming races and conversations between the Class A bunch littered with flashbacks and highlights of the story so far.

Basically it happened, it was harmless, and I’m still excited AF for this season. I guess we’ll try this again next week.

Episode Rating: It happened/10.

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