Writing, cause it’s November and stuff

Oh heeeeey there abandoned blog. How are you doing? Oh you’ve been cold and alone with no new words to keep you warm at night for months on end? Heh, sorry about that.

Anywaaaaaaay, it’s that month where people sometimes try to write more or write specific book-like things or just write in general. I think I’m going to try that activity. I have no aspirations about writing any kind of novel or large project for a number of reasons, but I think there is something I can do during this time of written expression fever. My goal for Nanowrimo is to write at least something, in the time frame called:


Yep that’s basically it, no word counts or specific projects or big grand plans. As it turns out I’m not very good at handling those types of things right now, and that’s ok! But I can do something, in fact I can do a bunch of somethings, and somewhere along the way those somethings may DNA Digivolve, gattai or use some form of polymerization to become more powerful than their foes could possibly imagine!!!!


Some of that writing may involve blog posts here but who knows for sure! If they are they’ll be here! So here’s to moving forward, doing something fun stuff creatively and getting some of them good old words plastered across some form of parchment. Day 1 compleeeeete.

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