Hi, I’m Jonathan. I really like dissecting stories, characters, and narrative structure in basically any and all forms of media. Anime, movies, video games, novels, you name it and I’ll talk your ear off about it (sorry friends and family).  So, to save hours of their time, and maybe a few lives, I’ve started this here blog to detail these musings and any other things I feel like writing about.

I’m also an aspiring video game developer, so you’ll definitely see some game development stuff pop up from time to time. Somewhere over here.

I’m also a regular on my friend Myke’s movie podcast CineMusts.

If you reading this you’ll notice I post pretty sporadically and don’t really have a schedule or anything. However, if somehow you’ve stumbled upon this blog in your meandering internet adventures I hope something catches your eye and makes it worth your stay.

Follow me on twitter if you’d like @KaijuForever, or if you need to contact me directly, shoot me an email at godzillaistranscendent (at) gmail dot com.